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The vegetable-tanning of leather used in ANDREA INSUA articles, is a traditional handmade process which tanneries have passed from generation to generation for over two hundred years and has its origins in Pre-history. High quality vegetable tanning is disappearing in Europe, except for in Italy, where Tuscan Consurtiums have been the leaders.

Among the various tanning methods, vegetable tanning is still nowadays the most typical, traditional, and recognizable. It is the only one that’s able to give leather unique characteristics, and makes it a natural and eco-friendly product. Vegetable tanning also makes leather resistant to water and atmospheric agents. The transformation from raw hides into a material that will resist throughout time is a slow process that respects the environment, and happens inside wooden drums. Vegetable-tanned leather becomes older without deteriorating. The natural aging does not compromise its resistance and gives it a vintage look with warm color shades, showing evidence of it being a natural product. It gets better over time; that is why it is more valuable over the years. Choosing a product made with this kind of leather means owning an item that is unique and unrepeatable.